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Saw Blade Sharpening, Planer Blade Sharpening, Router Cutter Sharpening & More!

Norfolk Saw Services was founded in 1960 to support and service local IMG_2495-(1).JPG
industry. To this day we are still offering the best and most reliable service that we can. Our continuous investment in grinding technology and years of experience has enabled us to promote ourselves as the area's premier grinding service.

Our sharpening service is still dedicated to supporting local industry but
we offer the same regular service to tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts. Blades
are sharpened within the week or sooner on request. They can be collected 
by our van or brought to the shop whichever is more convenient.

We specialise in the grinding of circular saw blades, planer knives,
router cutters, wide bandsaws, profile cutters and associated tools from
the woodworking sector. Super high speed steel blades for metal cutting
are also sharpened in house. A service for the sharpening of both solid carbide spirals and PCD cutters is offered.          
Modern CNC grinding machines enable us to service up to 300 tipped circular saw blades each week. They also ensure that each blade is accurately ground giving you the customer the best tool life and finished cut possible. 

We always endeavour to utilise the latest in grinding techniques, grinding wheels and coolants to maintain our standards and make improvements
when possible.

Watch our informative guides on the shaprening services we offer
by clicking on the links below:
 Prices start from:

The following items are sharpened in-house:
  • TCT Circular Saw Blades from £6.95
  • Super HSS Blades from £6.95
  • Plate Saws from £9.95DSCF1733-(1).JPG
  • HSS Planer Knives from £2.95 per knife
  • TCT Planer Knives from £3.95 per knife
  • Router Cutters from £4.45
  • TCT & HSS Mitre Knives from £5.95
  • Holes Saws from £2.95
DSCF1740.JPGWe also offer the service for sharpening these items using reputable business partners:
  • Whitehill Spindle Cutters
  • Wide Bandsaws from £0.80 per foot
  • Solid Carbide Spiral Router Cutters
  • PCD Tooling
  • Guillotine Knives
  • Milling DSCF1736.JPG
  • Cutters & Drills
  • Broaching Cutters
Other items we can sharpen include:
  • Mortice chisels & augers
  • Mortice chains
  • Chainsaw bladesDSCF1683-(1).JPG
  • Chipper knives
  • Granulator knives
  • Hand chisels
  • TCT block saws
  • Handsaws
  • Tenon saws
  • Garden shearsIMG_8137.JPG
  • Hedge trimmers
We are proud to be affiliated with the
UK saw doctor assocation.


Sharpening Services

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